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The Expertise I Offer

 I provide professional consulting services to clients throughout San Francisco Bay Area of the United States.

Strategic planning to innovative solutions and implementation of compliance protocols is my Specialty. My focus is to build an efficient and results-driven relationship with you.

Using my 20+ years of experience in the dental field, I will work with you to create a customized plan of action that fits the specific needs of you and your organization. 

Call today to learn more about my vision for your success, and my consulting approach. 


Samantha Belloso, RDAEF2 



Services Offered

Modern Work Space

Consulting Services

Initial Consultation

General brainstorming and development of the most effective plan for you and your business

Perfecting Your Office
"Our New Normal"

Preparing your office and staff during our “new normal” covid time. Implementation of new protocols. Addressing areas which may benefit from change for better office flow.

Hands On Infection Control Training

Addressing protocols necessary to make sure you are prepared and in compliance with all Universal Precautions

Dental Supply Ordering

Assistance with ordering supplies, ensuring you have a system for ordering, staying within your business budget, and organization of your supply closet

Dental Assistant Services

Dental Assistant Training Course

Dental Assisting Training Course

Chairside Assisting Techniques Training

Learn to be an efficient dental assistant with guidance on using high volume suction, retraction, passing instruments, and setting up for procedures

Fabricating Temporary Crowns

Lean how to make beautiful temporary crowns and provisionals. Get guidance on how to trim, shape, and adjust bite and cement

Sign Up for Temporary Work

Assistance with how to locate and sign-up for Temporary Work

Administrative Services

Staff Management Course for Supervisors

Guidance on how to lead your team, including techniques to use in difficult situations, new hire processing and paperwork, and tips for training staff

Front Office Training

Learn effective phone answering procedures, scheduling appointments, and tips for working seamlessly with insurance companies

Resume Writing and Interview Preparation

Get information to assist you on preparing your resume, and helpful interviewing strategies


What Other Professionals Are Saying About My Services!

¨In 5 years of working with Samantha I have seen her determination and great organizational skills used to create efficient team dynamics so our office can perform at their peak, above all she keeps patient/staff safety and care as her first priority. She is self driven and customizes to your office needs.¨

Preeti Kumar DDS
Cedar Dental Care

¨I have worked with Samantha for 17 years. She is friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She will always look for the best price and promotions to make sure to stay with in the budget.¨

Cindy Mena-Account Manager
Darby Dental Supply

I have worked with Samantha off and on over the years and our paths have crossed a number of times. Professionally...there are individuals that are the answer seekers and there are the individuals who always have those answers. Samantha is the latter, she is the organized one, the ¨go getter¨ and problem solver. I have witnessed her bring teams together, help direct the growth of various dental practices, as well as calm the doubts and fears of numerous doctors. She would be a great asset to any dental team!

Belinda Agamaite, RDH

Samantha is my hero! She is smart,organized and effective. Her practical, efficient and comprehensive approach to understanding training and infection control is high quality, refreshing and greatly appreciated.

Susan Caliri DDS

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